The question people ask most is where do I get my inspiration? Everywhere. Often I’ll read a newspaper story and if I can’t stop thinking about it for years, a book will be born, often combining a few different stories. 50 Acts of Kindness was based on a YouTube video of a vicious rant courtesy of one very hissy sorority sister that went viral and wrecked her life. (Life hint: if you don’t want something made public, don’t record yourself screaming obscenities and e-mail to a large group of people.) Family Secrets was based on a collage of my own suburban community. Yes, life in suburbia is fraught with drama.

I’m currently at work on my first YA novel, Chasing Nirvana about a young gay girl nominated for prom queen in 1993 who tries to get Nirvana to play at her prom. Does she? Well, it comes out in 2017.

I live in a suburb of Seattle with my family where I’m chained to my desk daily with lots of caffeine and chocolate.