The Girlfriends Bookclub Rides off into the Sunset – onto Facebook.

If you look at this photo and you’re not a writer you might think — nice picture, I wonder where it was taken? If you’re riding-off-into-the-sunseta writer you think — where are they going and what just happened and who are they really? Is one of them going to pull a knife?

I’m asking myself a lot of questions today and feeling more than a little sentimental. So cowboys, who in the movies and in real life based on the one real cowboy I know, are sentimental people. They love their dogs, their horses and their mommies. And I love my fellow writers. (And my dog and mommy too, just to be clear.)

Today is the last day of the Girlfriends Book Club group blog. Although I have been running around telling everyone it’s been around for 20 years, it’s been twelve. (My husband will tell you to take what I say and subtract 10 or if it’s timing things, add a half an hour to my estimate.) For the past 2 years every time I turn on my computer and sit down in the little hallway alcove that is my creative home, the Girlfriends Book Club is the first place I go before I settle down to write. Often I am feeling a deep sense of trepidation or unease about the manuscript I am working on. As the Girlfriends know, writing a book is like raising children. They all get to the terrible 2’s and teens and make you look very bad. With my first child graduating from high school and all the parties, dress shopping and college planning that entails I could keep the analogy going because launching a child from the home is not unlike publication day.

Our logo -- thanks to writer Bethany Maines

Our logo — thanks to writer Bethany Maines

The best thing about the Girlfriends Book Club is that these ladies made me feel sane. They wrote about their trial and error ways of writing, their frustration with social media, their exuberance on release day, their sadness about a beloved book that for some reason never sold many copies. They talked about hilarious book tours and mentoring other writers. I could go on and on. I wish I’d found these ladies sooner but I’m so happy to know all of them. Please join us on Facebook for more stories, commiseration and always — a celebration of stories. We all have so many to tell and we’d love to hear from you.

Ellyn Oaksmith is the bestselling author of 50 Acts of Kindness and other books. She’s an eternal optimist, dog lover and always plotting something.  Visit her at and join her newsletter for free books, new releases and great reading suggestions.


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